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Eggplant and Comdate partner in Australia

by Eggy, on Sep 11, 2019 4:19:17 PM

Comdate has recently been awarded Eggplant Endorsed Service Provider status


London, UK, 17 April 2019: Eggplant, the customer experience optimization specialist, today announced Comdate, as its latest Australian Eggplant Endorsed Services Provider, the highest level of partnership offered by Eggplant.

As companies embrace a digital reality they move from the quality in IT and software development to the quality of business outcomes it delivers.  They depend upon the quality transformation services provided by Eggplant’s Customer Experience Optimization (CXO) Suite and Comdate to offer continuous testing and quality assurance to their customers.

Both Eggplant and Comdate share a vision to help customers provide excellent user experience and continuously improve business outcomes. 

To become part of the Eggplant Endorsed Service Provider program, partners must have a track record of implementing Eggplant, and must have resources certified in Eggplant that are readily available for deployment.

Eggplant partners have access to the latest products, tools, training, and support to help deliver intelligent test automation and monitoring solutions for customers.

Quotes and Commentary

Comdate’s focus on Quality Assurance in DevOps and User Experience, make them an ideal Eggplant Endorsed Service Provider. Eggplant’s Customer Experience Optimization Suite is crucial for improving user experience and business outcomes, and Comdate is a great partner to deliver Eggplant’s quality assurance offerings in the Australian market
Comdate is very proud to be appointed Eggplants Endorsed Services Provider for Australia. Eggplant is a powerful solution providing modelled intelligent application and API testing along with the unique ability to connect to any device, sets it in a class of its own. Eggplant ensures that our customers can build highly robust applications, while fully integrating into the DevOps philosophy of achieving rapid deployment. “ Frank Cappellari, Sales Director of Comdate


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