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Meet the Next Wave in AI-Driven Customer Experience Testing

by Gareth Smith, on 9/8/20

ZDNet’s Joe McKendrick recently wrote, “The quality of UX will make or break the success of an application or system, regardless of how many advanced features and functions are built within.” In the digital era, savvy companies are putting the customer experience at the heart of their testing strategies—a practice we’ve blogged about numerous times.

While delivering an engaging customer experience should certainly be a top priority, organizations also can’t ignore the pressing need to do more with less, maximize existing resources and enhance the performance of their digital properties. These concerns have only grown more pronounced in the uncertain economic climate in which we find ourselves. To that end, Eggplant recently released  the latest version of our Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) platform. The new capabilities include enhancements to the Fusion Engine which draw on AI to intelligently diagnose issues during test and apply the change.

Eggplant’s Proactive Test Asset Maintenance is an unattended run report that dramatically simplifies the updating process. At the conclusion of every test, Eggplant’s Fusion Engine provides a self-healing test summary with the recommended remedy in a simple report. Companies can quickly review the changes and accept them with one click, reducing the time associated with updating test assets from hours to minutes or even seconds.

These capabilities are the latest in our ongoing effort to harness the power of AI and enable companies to release better performing software that delivers a high-quality customer experience, while simultaneously optimizing resources. Eggplant’s Fusion Engine can run across multiple platforms and devices and control and interact with APIs, UIs, robots, IoT devices and more, all within the same script or scriptless model.

In the past, users were required to walk through the entire script in real-time, administer the diagnosis and execute the update to the asset repository. Intelligently automating this process not only results in a significant cost and resource savings—it also enables companies to rapidly accelerate testing and integrate with DevOps at speed.

As Deloitte’s David Schatsky and Sourabh Bumb put it, “Artificial intelligence is making the process of designing, developing, and deploying software faster, better, and cheaper. It’s not that programmers are being replaced by robots—rather, AI-powered tools are making project managers, business analysts, software coders, and testers more productive and more effective, enabling them to produce higher-quality software faster at a lower cost.”

These abilities are key to success in the digital age. Learn more about Eggplant and how we can help you meet end-users’ needs while simultaneously enhancing the performance and quality of your digital properties.

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