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Like Selenium? Now You Can Use It With Eggplant Functional.

by Pamela Gillaspie, on 1/3/18

Selenium is a popular open source test automation tool for lots of reasons. You can get started with it quickly. It’s widely used, so knowing it can be a marketable skill. And, because it’s not that easy to use right out of the box, testers who become well-versed in Selenium can advance into lucrative framework development.

Of course, Selenium has its limitations, too—it only supports web applications, and to automate successfully, you need to know at least one of the supported languages really well. Which is why many teams use Selenium to complement their other testing approaches and solutions.

If you fall into that category, you’ll be excited to learn that you can now incorporate Selenium WebDriver methods into your Eggplant Functional scripts. We use SenseTalk bindings for Selenium WebDriver to make these new scripting capabilities easy to adopt—whether you’re a Selenium user or a seasoned Eggplant user.

What’s great is that the new support for Selenium WebDriver in Eggplant Functional means you can use images and web objects interchangeably to take advantage of the best uses of both. For example, you’re already testing in Selenium and there are some things you can’t test well with your current framework, like video streaming and maps. Or, you’re already testing in Eggplant and you’ve got some low-quality text that isn’t a good candidate for OCR. Maybe you prefer the Eggplant approach but need to check things that are hard to eyeball, like font size. Or, perhaps you want to use Selenium but web pages are just one part of your end-to-end testing, in addition to POS terminals and mobile apps.

Here’s what else is new in Eggplant Functional v18.0:

  • Roaming license checkout. Testers in the field and those who telecommute and travel frequently between offices will appreciate this new option where administrators can now check out Eggplant Functional licenses for users to work remotely.
  • Expanded language reference. We’ve increased the in-product Help resources so you can more quickly access our commonly used documentation, including file handling, Excel and databases, and local systems.
  • Better visual experience. Look for cleaner layouts, new icons, a new start screen, and samples for different use cases in the box.

Be sure to check out our new Community page. You’ll find Accelerators to help you get started quickly with Eggplant Functional, an interactive guide for using SenseTalk with a range of UI elements, and an ROI calculator to determine the value of Eggplant solutions.

Download Eggplant Functional v18.0.

New to Eggplant solutions? Request a demo today and see why they’re ideal to test the true, end-to-end digital experience from the user’s perspective.

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