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Keysight Technologies + Sauce Labs:  Accelerate testing and increase coverage across multiple platforms

by Mike Wager, on 6/15/22

A key strategic alliance bringing real device cloud testing to the Eggplant Cloud-Based Test Automation Platform, enabling users to increase the breadth, depth, and scale of their testing capabilities.

Today, Keysight is thrilled to announce the partnership with Sauce Labs, the leading provider of continuous testing and error reporting solutions. 

The alliance allows our customers to scale up and test across the broad range of devices available within Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud.

Testing across multiple platforms is challenging, and ensuring device compatibility is a real issue for modern enterprises. Maintaining a costly on-site device lab is only part of the challenge; the management of testing across the diverse range of operating systems, browsers, and devices adds to the complexity of testing. 

Our partnership eliminates this burden to simplify and speed up releases by enabling users to continuously adjust the device mix, dramatically increasing coverage and within shorter testing cycles. In addition, Eggplant's low code/no code model-based approach simplifies testing by replacing the traditional complex DOM and object method.

The Sauce Labs cloud enables access and full control of thousands of devices, allowing enterprises to focus on testing applications rather than managing devices. 

Together, we deliver artificial intelligence (AI)-driven automated testing of enterprise applications on mobile devices, browsers, and secure desktops. 

Read our guide today and discover how simple mobile device testing in the cloud can be.


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