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It’s Here! Eggplant Functional Support for iOS Gateway 4.4.

By Jon Flowers

Jon Flowers

Jon Flowers - 19 December 2017

It’s not often you hear dev teams shouting from the rooftops about a relatively minor software release. (Actually, developers rarely shout in the first place, except when playing a lively game of foosball.) But we think this one is pretty cool.

Eggplant Functional now supports iOS Gateway 4.4. Which means you can now automate tvOS (Apple TV), which our software couldn’t do before, and test the UI and UX from the true user perspective.

Just like you’re using an iPhone, you can emulate the virtually endless possible user journeys and interact with each app in exactly the way the app was designed to work. Use the on-screen keyboard to search instead of automating commands to test it. Simulate all remote commands except Siri and volume (unfortunately, Apple didn’t give us access to those). Eggplant Functional supports menu, home, left, right, up, down, select, play/pause, and power buttons, and you can add and delete apps as well. Plus, you can do everything directly from an Eggplant Functional script—no remote necessary.

Check out the video to see Eggplant Functional test Apple TV.


If you test in a large device lab with less-than-optimal airflow, you’ll appreciate improvements in the release that put iOS devices into an idle mode to reduce heat and power consumption and increase efficiency. If the screen tab Inside iOS Gateway isn’t selected and Eggplant Functional isn’t connected, the  process will go into low-usage mode and stop collecting screen shots (which is process-intensive on a device) to prevent overheating. But, you can still reconnect quickly via Eggplant Functional to run more tests.

We hope you like these new capabilities as much as we do.

Check out the in-app release notes for more info.