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Hyperautomation and What It Means in a Digital First World

by Tara McLaughlin, on 10/27/20

According to Gartner, advanced applications of AI will generate $2.9 trillion in business value and retrieve more than 6 billion hours of worker productivity by next year.

As research vice president Mike Rollings puts it, “Rather than have a machine replicating the steps that a human performs to reach a particular judgement, the entire decision process can be refactored to use the relative strengths and weaknesses of both machine and human to maximize value generation and redistribute decision making to increase agility.”


Becoming Digital First with Hyperautomation

This is an example of hyperautomation—a combination of AI, machine learning (ML), and other advanced technologies designed to automate processes in a way that ultimately aids humans. As this technology becomes more sophisticated, there are numerous opportunities to augment workers and deliver true bottom line benefits.

Intelligent bots can help companies become digital first organizations by determining the most critical areas to focus on, locating issues that may impede digital success, and identifying how to provide an unrivalled customer experience—all without necessitating a significant resource investment.


Testing from the User’s Perspective: The Next Generation of Hyperautomation

Looking specifically at the world of software and application testing Eggplant has helped countless companies do exactly that. Drawing on advanced AI, we enable enterprises to realize the next generation of hyperautomation in testing; namely, experiencing your technology from the users’ perspective.

By using image analysis, Eggplant can see the screen as it appears to your customers and automate workflows that provide strong coverage of the user experience while also testing system performance and functionality.

Of course, most companies have customers of varying demographics and profiles. We address this by creating synthetic users for each customer persona and enabling you to drill into this data to see where key business outcomes are being missed as a result of technology factors.

For example, are older generations struggling to navigate a complicated checkout page? Or are slow load times irritating digitally savvy millennials? By obtaining this insight and automating the testing for it on an ongoing basis, Eggplant harnesses the power of hyperautomation to make sure you’re delivering the right digital experience for every customer, every time.


Hyperautomation to Drive Business Outcomes

Testing from the customers’ perspective is just one example of why hyperautomation is essential in our digital first world. Others include:

-   Addressing Tech Glitches Before They Become Business Problems. Eggplant’s unique combination of automated exploratory testing and fixed regression packs helps companies spot bugs prior to release and swiftly address them before they can negatively impact the customer experience or affect business outcomes.

-  Optimizing Infrastructure. For many companies, digital transformation necessitates migrating, integrating and optimizing fragmented technology environments. Robotic process automation (RPA) can significantly simplify this process while simultaneously freeing up employees to focus on more strategic activities.

-  Faster Delivery without Sacrificing Quality. Now more than ever, companies are under pressure to release at DevOps speed while also ensuring the all-important delightful user experience. Eggplant’s end-to-end intelligent test automation ensures that companies can maximize test coverage and drive efficiency improvements, all with an eye on the quality of their digital experience.

To quote Gartner again, “…the acceleration of digital business requires efficiency, speed and democratization. Organizations that don’t focus on efficiency, efficacy and business agility will be left behind.”

Learn more about how Eggplant’s customers leverage hyperautomation to achieve these outcomes while maintaining a relentless focus on the digital experience and why intelligent automation is the answer to today’s efficiency demands.

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