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Delivering a Five-Star Digital Experience in Financial Services

by Antony Edwards, on 9/6/18

No matter what industry you’re in, providing an exceptional digital experience to your customers is paramount. It’s particularly tricky in financial services, as more and more users ditch physical branch locations for online banking. By 2019 in the UK, mobile banking is expected to overtake desktop as the preferred channel. And for two-thirds of Americans, a recent survey found that online and mobile banking represent their primary banking channels. 

What’s more, all facets within financial services are going digital — retail, wholesale, and back-office users now expect a digital experience from their financial institutions. Whether you’re a bank, insurer, or asset manager, you need to deliver a differentiated customer experience by providing what they want, when they want it, and how they want it — performant, stable, and aesthetically pleasing.  

As challenger banks find increasing success in attracting more customers with delightful digital experiences, the pressure is on traditional banks to get it right. Overcoming associated technical challenges, though, can be a tall order. Traditional banks must figure out how to transform legacy systems into a solid foundation on which to build digital experiences. Mobile and browser fragmentation greatly increases the sheer number of tests you have to run. There’s also omnichannel and the need to simulate user journeys, such as one-time passwords and two-phase authentication, that move over several channels. Open banking, where banks and other organizations open up to third parties via APIs, creates a whole new dimension to think about for digital experiences. And even though it’s not specific to financial services, companies need a DevOps strategy to put the customer at the center of the development process. Organizations know how critical the digital experience is across financial services, but most are struggling in their digital transformations. 

Rather than focusing on whether code complies with a specification, Eggplant solutions are all about transforming testing to help teams create amazing products that delight users and drive business outcomes. Through intelligent testing and monitoring, we can help you deliver a five-star digital experience in consumer and back-office systems, such as Temenos. Mobile apps and check scanning. Cross-platform and online banking. Wealth management software such as Microgen, plus, insurance and ATMs. We’ve done it for companies like Citi, Nationwide, Atom (one of the leading challenger banks), and many others by taking a unique, integrated approach that includes: 

  • Intelligent automation using scriptless models, artificial intelligence, and analytics 
  • Customer Experience Insights to quantify how products drive business outcomes  
  • A Universal Fusion Engine that drives any device, OS, or browser, via the UI, API, or database 
  • Full UX testing and monitoring of functionality, performance, and usability 
  • Release Insights to predict the impact of a new release on the UX and your business outcomes 

See for yourself how Eggplant can help you successfully transform into a digital banking powerhouse that delivers amazing user experiences and drives positive business outcomes.Watch our recent webinar to explore more challenges, get details about the Eggplant approach, and see a demo of our suite in action. 

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