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Empowering Citizen Developers Through Intelligent Automation

by Gareth Smith, on 8/26/20

Today, Eggplant released the latest version of our Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) platform with new enhancements to further streamline and automate the entire testing life cycle. We believe that, in order for digital transformation initiatives to reach their full potential, software development must be accessible to more people. 

And we’re not the only ones. As Gartner’s Jason Wong puts it, citizen developers are poised to “democratize” business transformation. He elaborates, “And for the business units themselves, they see greater agility and workforce productivity, which are key to digital dexterity.” This is the driver behind the latest additions to our DAI platform. The solution now offers enhanced accessibility and user experience benefits, with a host of new features including:

  • Guided onboarding: This offers helpful pop-up guidance for first time users directly in the application, making it significantly easier to navigate the platform and get started on test execution.
  • System health status: This provides a snapshot of all the components of the DAI install—from backend services to execution environments—in one place. As a result, users can easily see at a glance any areas that require attention, making the app much easier and faster to support.
  • Proactive test asset maintenance: This enhancement automatically identifies issues with test assets and suggests a solution to update them. It provides users with the flexibility to fully automate the maintenance of assets or to review suggestions that are presented in a report. We’ll be exploring this feature in more detail in a subsequent post so keep an eye on the blog for more.

These additions enable citizen developers to easily avail of our platform, thereby accelerating the quality and speed of software and applications. With Gartner predicting that the number of citizen developers at large enterprises will be at least four times that of professional developers by 2023, it’s critical to ensure that testing strategies support the needs of this group. As the firm puts it, “Virtually any end-user can be a citizen developer, given the right situation and enablement. Therefore, application leaders must involve citizen development as part of their future of apps strategy.”  

Learn more about Eggplant’s DAI platform and how we can help you empower technical and business users alike to transform the quality and speed of your software and applications.

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