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Eggplant Functional 18.1: Exciting new features for faster, more efficient testing

By Pamela Gillaspie

Pamela Gillaspie

Pamela Gillaspie - 17 July 2018

Earlier this month, we released Eggplant Functional v18.1. This latest version introduces a variety of new features designed with speed and efficiency in mind, and to bring Eggplant Functional and Eggplant AI closer together. Read on to see what’s in store when you upgrade. 

Autoscan. In 2017, we introduced Rapid Capture — the ability to capture images with single clicks and save them in batches. Now, we've taken image capture a step further to offer Autoscan, in which Eggplant scans the screen to automatically select all of the discrete interface elements for capture.  

Autosnippet generation. The popular favorite of this release, Autosnippet generation uses your automatically captured images to generate snippets of code that can be directly imported into Eggplant AI for easy use in your models. 

Once you start using Autoscan and Autosnippet generation, in a matter of minutes you'll have the critical components to develop a successful Eggplant AI model or modular workflows. 

See these features in action here. 


Tagged images. Images are essential to Eggplant Functional's technology-agnostic approach and UX-validation capabilities. Nowas you’re capturing images, new image tagging capabilities provide a handy way to keep track of them among your test assets. You can tag and organize images with platform identifiers, tester names, version numbers, functions, or any other distinction that's meaningful to you 

JUnit 5 support. JUnit 5 is the latest incarnation of this popular test framework for Java 8 and later. Now, JUnit 5 is among the variety of reporting formats that Eggplant Functional offers. 

Appium support. Continuing with our support for open systems (such as Selenium, last year), in this release, we've added support for Appium to also cover mobile devices. Right now, it works on iOS (using the latest version of our Gateway products); look for Android support really soon. 

Pattern language. We've made SenseTalk even more powerful and user-friendly by adding pattern language, an English-like approach to defining regular expressions. Use patterns to develop sophisticated but easy-to-understand validations of your application under test — helpful for when you need to solve unique automation challenges. Get more details on pattern language here.

Other key features in this release include: 

  • Automatic detection of duplicate images when Turbo Capture or Rapid Image Capture are used. 
  • Improved OCR support that includes Arabic and Hebrew. 
  • Image use tracking, so you can see when an image was last found, and easily identify unused images. 
  • You can now use proxy servers for API Tests and URLs in SenseTalk. 

As always, this release is a free upgrade for current users, and available as a free trial to new users. We recommend v18.1 for all customers — especially those who are also interested in Eggplant AI. 

Watch our new feature overview:


And you can read the release notes here

We'd love to know what you think. Please use the comments to share your feedback. 

Happy testing!