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Eggplant Acquires NCC Group’s Web Performance Division

By JB Brockman | 3/28/18

It’s always been our mission to empower our customers to create amazing digital experiences that delight users and drive business success. We introduced our Digital Automation Intelligence approach that disrupts testing as we know it and puts the user back at the center to test the true UX. And we expanded our Digital Automation Intelligence Suite to use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and analytics to predict business and user impacts across different interfaces, platforms, and devices.

Now we’re taking that vision a step further to enable integrated, AI-driven continuous testing and monitoring against critical business objectives. We’re expanding our intelligent test automation offerings by acquiring NCC Group’s Web Performance division and its solutions, which include synthetic monitoring, real user monitoring, performance analysis, load testing, and analytics capabilities — as well as a SaaS platform.

That means our customers can now shift right to release apps faster than ever. Continue to test in production to identify live problems. Use analytics to predict issues about to happen and recommend fixes. Understand the relationship between technology and user behavior, and the impact of better site performance on your UX and your top line.

With the acquisition comes a new name and a new look. We’re now called Eggplant to reflect the broadness of our combined offerings — testing, monitoring, and analytics to improve business performance.

Our CEO, Dr. John Bates, explains more about the acquisition and rebrand in these videos. You can read the full press release here.

Topics: Performance testing, digital automation intelligence

JB Brockman

Written by JB Brockman

JB writes stuff as the content marketing lead at Eggplant.

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