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Eggplanet wrap-up: The Future is Now

by Michael Giacometti, on 10/11/19

Eggplant held its inaugural Eggplanet Conference this week in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA). We had hundreds of attendees from around the world, from all sorts of different companies.  Attendees were encouraged that QA Testers were needed more than ever in the age of AI.  They were empowered to be the change in their organizations and put their Customers at the center of their universe.  They felt energized that they were a key part of the future of QA!

Eggplanet attendees heard from a diverse group of experts like:

  • Mike Gualtieri from Forrester who explained that the power of AI combined with Human Experience will create the future of work. AI-driven data science and quality assurance of the future will continue to need humans for the next century.
  • Chuck Schneider from Cerner told us that deploying automated testing at scale can provide a variety of benefits that create a better user experience.
  • Professor Bob Spielberger showed us how Temple University is taking quality assurance into the university classroom. He showed us that quality assurance is a core component in teaching the next generation of IT professionals how to put quality into everything.
  • We learned from Eggplant COO Antony Edwards and QA Executive Carl Johnson from Pyramid Consulting that people recognize the future of is DevOps. However, we need to share experiences and work together to realize the benefits DevOps brings. We learned that automation would have a significant impact on it, but we need to work together as QA professionals to get there.
  • In an inspirational Women in Tech Panel, Eggplanet attendees learned that we need to work together to break down barriers and make Information Technology accessible to all while maintaining balance between personal and professional lives.

Finally, Eggplant attendees reaffirmed that the customer is the center of our universe. Regardless of the technology we produce, quality assurance professionals must think like their customers. QA isn't just about application quality; it is about providing a useful and meaningful experience to your customer.

Eggplanet attendees left the conference with the dual mandate to rid the world of bad software and fully live the technology they create.

You can experience Eggplanet again by the viewing presentations on demand via our SlideShare channel and continuing the conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter using the #eggplanet19 hashtag. Check out our YouTube channel next week for the Eggplanet wrap up videos. 


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