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Eggplanet: Our User Conference and Why You Need to Be There!

By Alex Painter

Alex Painter

Alex Painter - 18 April 2019

We live in a digital world, with software permeating every aspect of our everyday lives. And businesses are waking up to the fact that the quality of that software is critical to their very existence.

This is where Continuous Quality Meets Business Outcomes, and it’s the theme of our inaugural Eggplanet Europe on 6 June, London.

We’ll look at how software testing is being squeezed. On the one hand, the rise of DevOps is driving ever faster release cycles. On the other, consumers are now demanding a frictionless digital experience that meets their multi-device, mobile, digital reality. This casts a new spotlight on software, and it’s placing ever greater demands on the those developing, testing, and monitoring it.

It’s an exciting time.

Powerful technology, such as AI-driven exploratory testing and predictive analytics, is available. Software testing is better placed than it ever has been to ensure that new releases deliver on the business’s KPIs. Out of the shadows and into the boardroom, suddenly testers have a new voice. Part of the conference will be about equipping software testing professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to make that voice heard in the way that most benefits them and their organizations.

Similarly, business leaders need to explore the technology and concepts that make doing more with less a tangible reality. Eggplanet represents a great opportunity to help businesses get more out of software testing. Testing is no longer a box-checking exercise. It’s a key driver for ever-improving customer experiences and better business outcomes.

Don’t miss out. Join us on 6 June and hear from world-leading authorities in DevOps and Testing, including Diego Lo Giudice from Forrester. You can also take the opportunity to network with your peers and develop your knowledge and skills in test automation and performance optimization.

You’ll even be able to get Eggplant certified on the day.

Find out more and register here.