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Doing More with Less

By Michael Giacometti

Michael Giacometti

Michael Giacometti - 25 July 2019

Daniel Priestly points to “Illusion of Limited Resources” as the number one limiting factor to holding you back from becoming a Key Person of Influence.  It is the same fallacy that holds organizations back from progress. 

Priestly states that to break from this illusion you need to be able to address three factors:

  • reshape the questions you ask
  • expand the network of people you know
  • stretch into the unknown

We explore the stretch into the unknown in terms of software testing and user experience.

Testing experts will tell you that in any software buildup1 (4)-1project there exists a desire to get the release into production as fast as possible and in some instances to the expense of crafting a collaborative repeatable process.  Often-times relying on antiquated means to deliver speed.  But in the spirit of stretching into the unknown, consider Ai in Testing.

In Testing, AI can be employed today to automate numerous functions, driving benefits in the form of error reduction, predictions of likely quality issues and increased time for manual testers to perform exploratory testing, to name just a few. This approach enables you to meet the continuous delivery expectations of the digital enterprise while continuing to ensure a high-quality user experience. Below are a few ways in which we have helped our customers harness AI, stretch into the unknown and do more with less:

  • expanded test automation
  • more productive testing within the shrinking windows associated with continuous delivery
  • coverage of more applications and user journeys without any additional manual effort
  • faster time to value

AI in testing is not a magic technology that solves every complex test problem with little human collaboration or oversight. Those that mistakenly have that viewpoint will no doubt be disappointed by the reality of how and what AI can deliver.

Learn more about AI in testing with Eggplant and sign up for our upcoming webinar focusing on doing more with less.