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DAI 6.2 and the Benefits of Test Parameters

by Nico Carnaval, on 7/22/22

In this latest major release of the Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) platform, we’ve revolutionized how users execute and interpret tests. DAI 6.2 optimizes test parameter configurations to maximize any testing operation’s capacity. 

DAI 6.2 - ParametersOur Test Configuration parameters allow you to reuse the same settings for different test combinations 

What is a parameter? 

Parameters are configurable input values that can be used in several different test cases and many other ways. There are several benefits to using parameters, such as defining tests with test data, maintaining consistency as well as reducing code duplication. 

DAI 6.2 uses parameters to add value to your testing operations in numerous ways, including: 


1. Consistency 

When your testing team reduces its manual tasks, it can spend more time on value creation. Although speeding up processes is relevant, it is arguably the easiest noticeable benefit when automating test cycles. But what about the magnification of quality and consistency gained through automation?  

 Depending on your type of operation, this could add even more value than just doing it faster.  

You can maintain quality across all testing levels by reusing the same parameters and having to do fewer manual inputs. The chance of human error decreases while quality and consistency levels increase. 


2. Scalability 

As time passes, the number of tests required grows due to constantly evolving industry challenges and requirements. As a result, code duplication becomes a problem when trying to scale and increase efficiency across your testing teams.  

 By eliminating code duplication, you make it easier to maintain your code and reduce extra technical debt. You may think that duplicating one line won’t make a difference for your project, but in the end, with multiple test cases, functions, and testers, it adds up. You could spend extra time on more important jobs, such as implementing an AI-driven testing tool to streamline your testing operations. 


3. Traceability 

A major part of any test automation workflow is spotting and investigating errors. On 6.2, we introduced a significant improvement on test configuration parameters that allow users to easily read tests and identify why tests failed 

Parameters make it easier for testers to understand what went wrong in the outputs because there are fewer inputs to be analyzed and reviewed. It may not sound like a great benefit when your tests are doing well, but it will help you debug much faster when you have an unsuccessful test. 

DAI - 6.2.0 Model previewModel preview makes it easier and quicker for users to understand models 


See DAI 6.2 for yourself  

If you’re an existing DAI user, you can upgrade to 6.2 by following the instructions in our documentation portal. Users of the browser-based version of DAI will have immediate access to the new features. 

If you have any questions or want to connect with one of our test automation experts, please get in touch. 

If you aren’t yet an Eggplant customer, you can easily sign up for a free trial of DAI here. 


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