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DAI 5.1 product update

By Jaspar Casey

Jaspar Casey

Jaspar Casey - 11 February 2021

The Eggplant team at Keysight Technologies is pleased to announce our latest release of DAI 5.1. Included in this latest release are: 

  • High-Speed Computer Vision Service for iOS apps — ready to leverage the power of 5G networks and the impact that will have on gaming, autonomous vehicles, and high throughput trading 
  • Smart auto-healing of test assets used in image recognition for testing models and scripts 
  • Script and model execution in a single interface within DAI 5.1
  • QA Summary Dashboard, with at-a-glance reporting for fixed time periods
  • Configurable Webhooks for Monitoring Insights
  • Dashboards for Real Customer Insights that help you understand exactly how users are interacting with your site
  • MP4 video recording of test execution
  • Every version of Citrix is now supported for Eggplant Performance 9.0.6

High-Speed Computer Vision Service for iOS testing 

We are super excited to announce that iOS apps can now be tested at up to 220 frames per second, which means that Eggplant can test and react in real time. 

This development was triggered by conversations with our customers, particularly gaming companies. They wanted to automate the testing of their iOS games. The challenge here is the ability to intelligently understand and respond to the entire visual context of the action onscreen — at increasingly fast frame rates on modern high-resolution displays.

So in order to match (and surpass) the reaction times that human testers can achieve, we had to get creative. By narrowing down the testing area on the screen so our tests can react to only the most critical elements, we can get anywhere between 60 to 220 frames per second. Given that human reaction times are about a quarter of a second, this performance improvement is more than sufficient for testing games with Eggplant. Our customers can now test these systems deterministically and react with known responses at a certain point in time, including with the variance expected in human testers

The second innovation was in the packaging of test commands that can be executed by the daemon. We created new SenseTalk commands that allow a tester to more efficiently package execution commands that minimize the latency between an element being detected onscreen and sending the appropriate response.

Like many innovations, it’s only a matter of time before something developed for the world of video games makes the leap into other domains, such as healthcare, aerospace, and automotive. We are already working with our customers across a wide range of fields to bring the next evolution in real-time testing, so watch this space.

Auto-healing of image-based test assets

Eggplant’s non-invasive testing methods rely on computer vision and optical character recognition (OCR). Because of the variation in devices, screen resolutions, UI layouts, etc., maintaining a useful set of visual testing assets can be a challenge. For example, test assets that work for testing the latest iPhone may not work on a differently-scaled Android system like the Galaxy S8. 

That’s why our latest update allows Eggplant to automatically create new test assets for images that are very similar — but not identical — to the image you’ve asked it to look for. This can be set up to work in an unsupervised manner, which means you can leave tests running overnight without getting tripped up on variations to images in your systems under test.

DAI 5.1 

The latest release of Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) now supports native script execution. This means that from the DAI Controller, you can now do script scheduling, system under test (SUT) management, and execution for both models and suites of scripts. Users who are accustomed to using Eggplant Manager to execute scripts can now do so from DAI Controller, which means being able to take advantage of the reporting, scheduling, and scaled execution capabilities of DAI. This also means script execution can be done through Eggplant Cloud. Bringing script execution into DAI means that your QA teams and business analysts can now work from the same modern interface.

QA Summary Dashboard 

The new dashboard view for QA Summary allows testers to see results of their test execution over a fixed time period, rather than over all time. What this means in practice is that you can now, for example, look at test results from over the weekend, or since your latest code deployment last week. QA Summary shows you the proportion of failures occurring within both exploratory and directed testing, as well as giving a test case-by-test case breakdown of outcomes over the defined testing period.

Improved Webhooks for Monitoring Insights 

Eggplant customers use Monitoring Insights to run repetitive synthetic tests of their systems so they can catch problems before end users come across them. With the latest update, customers of Monitoring Insights can receive customizable alerts via Webhooks. The improvements to our Webhooks implementation include:

  • Configurable real-time notifications to alert relevant people of any issues, bugs, or defects that will impact your user experience. 
  • Synthetic monitoring to emulate real user journeys, which can be scheduled at regular, predetermined intervals. 
  • Alert profiles with customizable alert parameters: 
    • Not all errors and user paths are created equal — use alert profiles to determine who gets notified at which level of escalation. 
    • Monitor specific error codes at particular times of the day. This is an improvement from our previous versions of Webhook alerts, as monitoring was either on or off.
  • Alerts created for only relevant issues, which lowers false positive results. 
  • Delayed alerts — for example, only send a notification after a test has failed more than twice consecutively.

Dashboards for Real Customer Insights

Continuing on the theme of reporting, we’ve introduced new dashboards to Real Customer Insights (RCI). RCI lets you track and attribute real user journeys taken by visitors to your website or application. You can then feed this back into DAI, so that you can be sure that you are testing the most relevant user journeys. Here are some of the things you can expect with RCI dashboards:

  • Slice and dice real customer data from production environments
    • Event-level: demographics, impressions, etc.
    • Session-level: complete real user journeys across the site
  • Automatic data refresh:
    • Event-level analytics: auto-refresh every 2 hours
    • Session-level analytics: auto-refresh once a week
  • New reports and filtering options: goals, timing, user journey KPIs, etc.
  • Easily accessible via static URL — simply login with your Eggplant SSO credentials
  • Export data insights into the BI tool of your choice via .csv
  • Uses real customer data and user journeys from production environments to show you exactly how people are interacting with your software.
  • Helps QA teams prioritize tests that improve business outcomes
    • Which platform, operating system, browser, etc. should you concentrate improvements in order to improve customer experience and increase revenue?

MP4 video recording 

Thanks to conversations with our customers, we’ve moved all video recordings of test executions to .MP4 from .MKV. There are a number of benefits from this, including: 

  • Wider native support for .MP4 file format — no more downloading codecs or other third-party software for video playback. 
  • Better options for compression, which greatly helps with archiving test footage for audit and compliance purposes.

Eggplant Performance 9.0.6 now supports every version of Citrix 

This is a simple one, but we are happy to report that you can now use EPP on any version of Citrix.

Want to learn more? 

If you’re an existing Eggplant customer, please reach out to support@eggplantsoftware.com with any questions you may have about taking advantage of these updates. 

If you want to chat to a member of our team to see how you can get started with Eggplant, please contact our sales team.