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Customers Hold the Key to Digital Transformation Success

by Candice Arnold, on 12/31/19


In a recent column in MIT Sloan Management Review, Thomas H. Davenport and Andrew Spanyi wrote, “The evidence is piling up that organization-wide digital transformation is challenging for many organizations.” The authors go on to list many of the factors that are causing companies to struggle with digital transformation—among them, numerous legacy systems, too much technical debt and a large number of functional and business unit data silos to overcome.  

These are certainly significant barriers that impede the transformation of operational processes and, in turn, business models—two of the three options for digital transformation as defined by Capgemini in a 2011 study. As a result, Davenport and Spanyi suggest that companies focus on the third choice: the customer experience.  

As they put it, “We’d argue that a much better alternative to tackling an expansive organizational transformation with digital is to focus on the transformation of customer experience, relationships, and processes. This is not because transforming the customer experience is easiest, but because doing so is far more likely to keep a company viable than changing other aspects of business. If an organization has happy customers, it can probably survive any inefficiencies in accounts payable or employee benefits tracking.”  

So, what’s the secret to making your digital customers happy—and ensuring they stay that way? In the online age, it’s all about convenience, ease-of-use, reliability and a seamless experience across platforms, devices and operating systems. Delivering on these expectations starts with conducting intelligent, AI-driven testing that forgoes the legacy approach of testing code to instead approach testing from the user’s perspective.  

As such, the first step in reengineering digital transformation initiatives around the customer is to modernize the testing process and ensure all stakeholders recognize that its days as a back-office compliance function are gone. With the performance and experience of software and applications a make-or-break reality for any digital business, it’s imperative that testing be seen as a strategic corporate resource that delivers bottom-line benefits.  

Eggplant has helped organizations such as AutoTrader, BT and next optimize the experience of their digital products and enhance their customers’ satisfaction as a result. Our platform provides continuous, intelligent end-to-end test automation, giving companies unparalleled precision for meeting continuous delivery expectations while simultaneously improving the customer experience. Benefits include:  

  • Deliver products with an eye on the business impact. Eggplant allows you to understand how technical behaviors drive business outcomes, providing actionable insights on where to focus development and infrastructure investment to optimize these outcomes. 
  • Act on data-driven information. Our intelligent analytics help you quickly discern how technical problems are impacting the digital experience, which user segments are affected, and why the issues occurred.  
  • Continuous optimization. Eggplant automatically analyzes performance to identify bottlenecks and drive ongoing customer experience optimization. 

Learn more about these and other reasons why Eggplant is the ideal testing partner for any company reorienting digital transformation efforts around its customers 

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