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Customer Monitoring and Why You Need it Now

by Gareth Smith, on 3/23/20


When Pinterest focused on improving the speed of pinning items, customer engagement in the application increased by 10-30%. As Gartner’s Penny Gillespie puts it, “Customer experience is first and foremost…it’s all about serving the 24/7 customers.”

Her comments were specific to retail, but the truth is a digital experience that delights is make-or-break for every company. Whether the customer is an online shopper, a business user, a prospective job candidate or something in between, it’s essential that all key processes of your website and application are functioning in order to deliver the experience these users expect.

Testing for these capabilities goes far beyond a simple “Does it work?” compliance check. With performance issues inherent in everything from third-party content to different devices and operating systems to web servers, the only approach to testing in the digital age is to test the technology as your customers experience it.

That’s where Eggplant comes in. Anything that your customer can visit we can test, enabling us to deliver customized insight on the performance of your technology so that you can address performance problems before they become something bigger.

It goes without saying that everyone wants to avoid an outage, but smaller things like slow pages or unresponsive third-party services can be equally devastating—and much harder to identify with legacy testing solutions. Everything might appear to be functioning optimally during a routine performance test, and it would likely be a matter of months before a company could connect the dots between bounce rates, customer attrition and, ultimately, loss of revenue.

By behaving like a real visitor and accessing your technology from outside your firewall, Eggplant delivers vital insights about your digital experience—and how this can be optimized to improve business performance. Our user-centric approach sets us apart from other testing providers, and we’re also differentiated by our:  

  • Fully managed service. Building the scripts, creating the journeys and offering a managed monitoring service, we see ourselves as a true partner in your digital transformation journey.
  • Double testing methodology. We always test twice before alerting you to a performance issue, ensuring that you only receive accurate, relevant alerts.
  • Device-agnostic capabilities. We can non-invasively test any technology, device or operating system at any layer.

Performance matters—but it’s your users’ perception of that performance that matters most to the bottom line. As such, it’s critical that customer monitoring be part of any modern testing strategy. Learn more about our approach and why it’s vital to delivering the experience your customers demand in the digital age.

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