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Customer Is King: Improving Web Performance from a User's Perspective

by Cheyenne Davis, on 9/22/20

As interest in eCommerce has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers across the globe are doing their best to capitalize on the increase in consumer activity. Since more members of the public are choosing to avoid in-person shopping, big companies have seen a surge in online sales – most notably Amazon.  

As reported by IT-Online [1], the Amazon app has more than 700-million mobile users across the globe – nearly five times more mobile customers than all its competitors combined 

While competitors could shy away from these statistics, Walmart is ready to take on the challenge with their subscription service – aptly titled Walmart+ 

The program will cost subscribers $98 a year, lower than rival Amazon’s $119 annual Prime membership. Walmart+ will include unlimited free delivery from stores - including groceries and lower prices at Walmart gas pumps 

Going up against an extremely popular competitor is no easy feat. Walmart’s competitive service has already seen its share of pushbacks, from as far back as July. As reported by a company spokesperson in an article from Bloomberg: “We’ve taken the time to develop a product that is grounded in meeting customer needs…’’ [2]  

While surges in sales are linked to the success of a business, high performing software and applications that meet the needs of their customers is critical.  

A recent survey conducted by Alvarez & Marshall found an average of 44% of European consumers have started buying products online that they previously bought in-store - leaving it to retailers to make substantial changes to their digital customers experience – and fast.  

Digital transformation depends on high-quality software to make the user experience as seamless as possible. As more of us rely on computers and software systems, any system failure or downtime can have a detrimental effect on customer experience - leading users to flock elsewhere - as was the case with Amazon during their outage on Prime Day in 2018 

At Eggplant, we equip businesses with a user-centric approach to testing – ensuring that UI errors, bugs and performance issues are not only identified but are addressed long before they are able to negatively impact the customer experience.  

To support business continuity, companies such as Walmart will need to focus on more than one aspect of their digital efforts. Take, for example, online groceries. Retailers in this area will be more concerned with the ease of item selection as opposed to checkout urgency whereas businesses who offer fast to next day delivery services may be more interested in checkout urgency. Regardless of the activity, seamless functionality is high.  

So, what tools could businesses who span across more than one vertical put in place to support both excellent customer experience and web performance   

Eggplant Performance provides easy-to-use, user-centric performance testing that can help support your business outcomes and analyze results to help identify how performance can be improved.    

Our user-centric approach to testing allows us to take real customer data and build models of the relationship between performance and visitor behavior as seen by Studio Limited - resulting in a 15% reduction in page load times, as well as identifying journeys that translate into revenue. 

With the capability of testing on any device, operating system, browser, or technology - we deliver a future-proof approach ready-made for the IoT and other emerging technology innovations to help you stay ahead of your competitors and keep your customers satisfied.   

No matter the competitor, the customer is king.  

To learn more about Eggplant Performance visit here 

You can also download our ‘Performance Matters’ booklet.  

[1] https://it-online.co.za/2020/08/24/mobile-apps-the-future-for-business/ 

[2]  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-09-01/walmart-s-amazon-prime-challenger-will-roll-out-in-two-weeks?sref=rbY24HBA 

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