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Covid-19: Eggplant Claps for Healthcare Workers

By John Bates

John Bates

John Bates - 27 March 2020

With the global pandemic and economic crisis unfolding around us, technology can and should help manage the unforeseen complicated challenges society now faces.   

As a technology company, we know there has never been a more critical time to put our own technology to work to support customers, partners, the Eggplant team - and their loved ones - than during the COVID-19 global pandemic.   

We want to help tackle the difficult consequences on varying parts of our society so we’re open for business and we're adapting to the needs of those around us at this uncertain time.   

Firstly, the safety and health of our customers, partners and Eggplant team — and their families and loved ones — is our number one priority.  

Secondly, as a company with many customers in the private and public sectors, we recognize the need to cast the net wider and support key healthcare and government agencies in their fight against COVID-19.  

That’s why from today we are committing to offering those within the healthcare industry dealing with the outbreak:

1. DAI 3 month licence.

2. ½ day virtual onsite to help setup and orientation.

3. Free online training

4. 50% off virtual in-person training course 2 (days)

5. Monthly check-in calls from sales and pre-sales.

6. VIP visit once Covid-19 restrictions are removed.

7. 10% Healthcare discount on all software purchased after the three month period.

There is great value in dedicated IT and resources to help save staff time, increase healthcare efficiency and save costs. There has never been a more critical time for these services to ensure software is running - not just smoothly - but better than it ever has. Updates, functionality and performance all needs to be amazing.  

Now more than ever we have to work together, share knowledge and get through this crisis.  

We want to support the people that are supporting us - we can rid the healthcare system of bad software, so the only thing our doctors and nurses have to focus on is their patients and not a bug in the software.  

For more information about this offer, please reach out to EMEA-Team@eggplant.io.

Take a look at some of our customer stories, including our video case study below to see how Eggplant is already helping health providers worldwide and can help you in this fight. 












Thanks in advance for your support and wishing you all the best. 

Terms and Conditions: Offers above only available to those within the UK or Ireland. Offer ends 31 May 2020.