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Customer Stories

by Eggplant, on Aug 7, 2019 4:40:00 PM Automotive

Leading Electric Vehicle Company Builds Solid Automated Testing Foundation to Improve Quality and Accelerate R&D Profile An innovative and fast-growing electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer in China, NIO has launched two …

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by Eggplant, on Aug 5, 2019 4:39:00 PM Automotive

motors.co.uk, part of the Cox Automotive Group, is a car search website that aims to make the process of finding and selling the right car as easy as possible for …

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by Eggplant, on Jul 25, 2019 4:36:00 PM Automotive

A unique opportunity to improve the UK's and Ireland’s largest digital automotive marketplace. Auto Trader sits at the heart of the UK’s vehicle buying process, bringing together a large and …

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