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Eggplant enables the US Army to fight the testing war!

by Eggplant, on Nov 27, 2020 3:57:27 PM


Battlegrounds are ever evolving, developing parallel to advances in technology. With computer systems central in today’s frontline defense, modern warfighters rely on software to provide time sensitive intelligence and targeting information to protect against adversaries.

For the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command Software Engineering Center (SEC), this critical information is delivered to its commanders in battle via Joint Tactical Terminals (JTT), a “family of software-programmable radios…often integrated into larger, more complex systems.”

In 2018, a critical issue was identified with the JTT and while a fix was determined, manually testing to validate the solution was incredibly time-consuming.

With such high stakes, the SEC called on Eggplant’s test automation to increase efficiencies, with the additional benefit of identifying and quickly resolving other unknown defects in the software.  

The Best Tool for the Job

The initial problem identified with the JTT was due to variables not considered during manufacturing or testing, including atmospheric conditions and an antenna’s line of sight over the earth’s curvature.

Eggplant’s intelligent test automation can test thousands of scenarios quickly and scale as technology matures, making it the best solution to test the SEC’s JTT program.

And because Eggplant tests from the user’s perspective the unexpected situations that might occur in warfare can be tested to ensure the software performs under all conditions.

Bennett Dunn, JTT project lead was quoted: "Given the volume of testing required and the technical complexity, we realized we needed an automated solution. And with Eggplant, we had one available."


Eggplant’s intelligent, non-invasive technology enabled the SEC to reduce time spent manually testing and ensure safer, more reliable software for our joint warfighters. Here's what the US Army said about their experience with Eggplant: 

“Using Eggplant, the team was able to replicate the tests for different scenarios required. It could then execute the tests during off-hours to complete multiple test runs without a tester being present. Eggplant enabled the team to move from completing 10-hour test event every three days to running a 24-hour test event every day. …

Ultimately, the JTT team ran approximately 90 hours of tests on off-hours. Using automation, it also uncovered additional problems inherent in the software, which enabled the developers to create solutions. It's now keeping the Eggplant scripts to use in future regression tests.”


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