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Cigniti’s Test Automation Services helped UK’s first digital bank  achieve timely delivery

by Eggplant, on Jul 26, 2019 4:37:00 PM


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The client is the UK’s first completely digital bank, optimized for mobile devices. Authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), it is redefining the banking sector, making things straightforward and personal. This digital entity is always at hand, as it packs an entire bank into its application using leading technologies. It has created 1.4 million logos in a bid to tailor the customer experience and seeks to be a customer-obsessed organization.

Key Requirements

The client required someone to provide:

  • Seamless core banking applications.
  • Reliable account services and communication channels for customers.
  • A validated, biometric verification solution to support customer identification.
  • A dependable contact center solution supporting telephone communications, a public website, and CMS.

Technology Stack

  • Zephyr
  • Eggplant
  • SmartBear

Key Business Challenges

In the process of ensuring seamless transactions and enhanced user experience, the application encountered a few problems. Some of the key challenges include:

  • Difficulty in isolating failures, due to technical constraints and declines from bureau calls for savings and mortgages.
  • Integration with a complex, third-party environment, from which they struggled to obtain requirements / support with respect to performance testing inputs.
  • Test management tools were also not available to plan, maintain and report the status of test activities.
  • Offshore connectivity was excessively delayed due to third party environment integration and issues concerning IPs to the tunnel.
  • Considering that the client’s entire banking system is on the mobile platform, comprehensive testing was required to ensure it works across various devices with different screen sizes and OS versions.
  • As the client is a mobile-only banking infrastructure, ensuring stringent security measures was critical.
  • Commercially, as a startup bank and going with a new technology base disrupting the banking app, they lack in-house testing expertise and flexibility to ramp-up / down at short intervals with a technical, skilled workforce.

Solutions Provided

The client was looking for a testing partner capable of addressing their end-to-end digital assurance needs, with profound knowledge in the banking domain. The unique value proposition which Cigniti* brought to the table was its capabilities around mobile testing, along with deep-domain understanding and alliances with a number of renowned test automation tool vendors. This proved valuable as it neatly wove into their app-only approach and also gave them access to best-of-breed tools addressing customized requirements.

  • Evaluated, proposed, and implemented the cost-effective tool, Zephyr (a test case management tool). Currently all the testing activities are carried out through Zephyr for Core Banking / Mobile App / Mortgages / Current Accounts / Genesys
  • Identified end-to-end scenarios for Core Banking / Mobile Application / Mortgages / Current Accounts with our in-house banking expertise and ensured that the client headed toward full, functional UAT Coverage.
  • Extensively supported the "Live Close Trail" release by testing Payments, Web CSR, FMS, OFAC and PD Teller applications which are all a part of core banking.
  • Conducted a tool feasibility analysis with multiple tools and proposed / implemented Eggplant Functional for test automation and Eggplant Performance Studio for performance testing as the app is designed on Unity 5 Framework.
  • Cigniti ICT established a secure connection with offshore — Hyderabad, India — by simulating Robin network and initiated performance testing and automation testing.
  • Developed an Excel-to-XML converter utility to test SOAP UI request to test Decision Engine for saving and mortgages platform.
  • Extensively supported four major releases to make sure the mobile app hit the UK market on time and with quality.
  • Successfully completed Smoke / Priority 1 Regression Pack using the Hybrid Test Automation Framework.
  • Successfully completed end-to-end performance solution to evaluate the response times, inclusive of rendering times on real devices.

Key Benefits

Cigniti's experts worked with the client's teams, and provided the following benefits:

  • Reduced test cycle time and achieved timely rollout because of reusability of test cases and test plans across all environments.
  • Improved the quality of the mobile app by performing compatibility testing.
  • Improved the quality of Decision Metrics services, as we were able to verify and validate all business flows to call bureaus along with few error paths.
  • Achieved better efficiencies, as the project generation rules could be used in any script applicable.
  • Improved script code replacement and generation.
  • Reduced costs through distributed work environment with a mix of onshore and offshore capabilities.

*Cigniti is an Eggplant service provider partner.

Download PDF Case Study

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