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AI and the Rise of the Business Tester

by Michael Giacometti, on 7/22/19

We are in a Digital Testing Epoch.  Are you ready?

The Digital Testing Epoch will be one that divides some Testing organizations who rely upon outdated tactics against those that embrace new technology, methodologies, and are very agile.

Digital Testing is not about simply picking up a tool and implementing it.  It requires systemic change that equally addresses people, processes, and tools.  Transforming your company to Digital requires introspection that asks some basic questions such as “are you staffed right” all the way to questioning the industries your organization now serves.  It’s an organizational identity crisis that needs to be solved while still bringing in new revenue and maintaining a delighted customer base.  This is not easy.  As with many changes in IT, Quality Assurance is going to feel it first.

And as a Quality Assurance Leader, you need to know how to navigate the changes.   There good news is that your QA foundation should not change much:

  • You still need to be aligned to your Business Strategy
  • There will need to be a separate or firewalled team to do the testing
  • DevOps and Agile fundamentals will not change
  • Quality Assurance is still the last line of defense for the product and first line of advocation for the customer

One of the major shifts you are going to see in the Digital Testing era is the rise of the Business Tester.  The Business Tester is no longer someone who simply performs User Acceptance Testing or consults on User Stories.  They are resources with deep industry experience and a firm understanding of how your business operates.  They may not be deep technical or automation experts.

The Business Tester will provide the domain expertise and use things such as Digital Twins to map states, actions, and events that will be used as the foundation for all other testing.  They will focus on the complex business cases and focus on what no automation tool can do.  In the Digital Testing Epoch, the Business Tester will use Automated Testing Tools with AI and Machine Learning to handle very basic, repeatable, and time-consuming test cases.  The combination of the Business Tester working with Artificial Intelligence will be known as Augmented Intelligence.

Forrester and Eggplant are taking the lead on defining the Digital Testing Epoch.  Join Antony Edwards, COO from Eggplant and Diego Lo Giudice as they discuss a brand-new Forrester Study talking about the implications of AI and Machine Learning on QA in general and the Business Tester in particular. 

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