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Achieve Better Business Outcomes With Customer Experience Insights

by Alex Painter, on 8/15/18

By improving load times to just under a second, COOK saw a seven-percent increase in conversion rates. At Eggplant, we deliver insights that result in better customer experiences and drive better business results — something we call Customer Experience Optimization (CXO). With this in mind, we recently renamed a number of our solutions to better reflect the outcomes they’re designed to help organizations achieve.

First, Digital Performance Management (DPM) is now Customer Experience Insights (CXI) — the suite of web performance monitoring and analysis solutions that help you achieve measurable business benefits as a result of faster, more reliable online experiences. We found that DPM was a vague term that meant different things to different people. By providing actionable insight, CXI truly reflects the intent of the solutions — showing you what you need to do to improve customer experiences and how that will impact your business.

Within the CXI suite, Real User Monitoring (RUM) becomes Real Customer Insights (RCI). While RCI started off as a RUM solution, now it’s more about understanding the relationship between your website’s performance and customer behavior, and its effect on your business KPIs. Similarly, Performance Monitoring, our synthetic monitoring solution, is now Monitoring Insights. This small change reflects the fact that insight is the common thread built into all of our products that will help you make better decisions.

How CXI works

  • Imagine you discover a performance issue through Monitoring Insights or Real Customer Insights (RCI).
  • You can use RCI to understand how this is affecting business metrics such as conversion.
  • You can also use RCI to identify the kinds of customers (e.g., mobile users) who are most affected by the issue, then switch to Performance Analyzer to dig deeper, uncover root causes, and identify fixes.
  • Finally, you can go back to RCI to validate the impact your improvements have made. Are users really getting a better experience? And is it having the desired effect on their behavior and your business?

A number of our customers, like COOK and Auto Trader, have been through this process and have seen real, measurable improvements in business KPIs.

As I mentioned above, ultimately, our job is to help you deliver better customer experiences that optimize business outcomes. Renaming our products to reflect that not only gives you a better idea of what they do but helps us focus on what really matters as we update and improve them.
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