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2020 Crystal Ball: What do the "Twenties" Hold for Test Automation

by Antony Edwards, on 1/21/20

According to CNET’s Eric Mack, “In some ways, the future that so much science fiction promised us is already here…but the decade beginning in 2020 will take us even further toward a world where far-out ideas…become topics of serious conversation.” In a previous blog post, we touched on a number of these ideas—including a cashless society, virtual vacations and implanted cell phones.

Advances in artificial intelligence are a key driver behind many of the above and other innovations that will gain traction in the twenties and the decades that follow. And while AI’s acceleration will undoubtedly bring numerous benefits, as with all technological advancements, there will also be areas for concern.  

2020 will see a consumer outage of a banking site or retail site driven by an AI algorithm making the wrong decision. The AI algorithm will observe unusual behavior and wrongly determine, for example, that a breach is happening. It will then take the system offline, resulting in loss of revenue and service to customers. This incident will result in a shift back to ‘decision support’ as people become more skeptical and risk-averse.

With that said, I still believe AI advances in the next decade will far surpass the technology’s drawbacks, particularly when it comes to testing. 2020 will see the birth of ‘next-generation’ automation products using higher-level model-based approaches combined with AI and analytics to optimize testing, understand root causes, and link to business outcomes.

Eggplant is already providing many of these capabilities today, for example:  

  • Intelligent test automation: Eggplant delivers end-to-end test automation that moves beyond regression testing to automate exploratory testing and continuously optimizes the digital experience  
  • Real user data: Tracking real user data to create a model of the application, enabling companies to relate user behavior to business outcomes  
  • Universal fusion engine: Eggplant can test any device, OS, browser or technology at any layer, from the UI, to the APIs, to the database. As a result, companies can optimize testing across their entire technology environment 

Learn more about these and other Eggplant benefits, and why AI-driven test automation will be a must-have for any digital company in the 2020’s and beyond. And for more of my thoughts on the future of DevOps and digital transformation, click here and here. 

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