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Eggplant Functional Training: cross-browser testing + results reporting

By Milli d'Hangest d'Yvoy

Milli d'Hangest d'Yvoy

Milli d'Hangest d'Yvoy - 3 January 2017

We’ve been looking at how to get started with functional testing using Eggplant Functional. The training video series has taken us through a number of key topics, from the basics of how to script, to understanding OCR, modularization and debugging. Finishing the series, we have three last videos which explore scripting across different platforms, and then looking at results reporting.

The first video teaches us all about cross-browser testing, a very important and real challenge in today’s complex technology landscape, with the many differing devices and interfaces available. Secondly, we will delve deeper into running scripts, discussing all the different methods of test execution with the respective advantages and purposes for each. Lastly, we look at results reporting, the most important part of testing – where you review the end result.

You can watch these three training videos below:

Cross-browser testing

Learn all about cross-browser testing using OCR:

  • How to use OCR for cross-browser testing
  • When to use images
  • Using image collections
  • How to format scripts and re-use code

Running scripts

Delve deeper into running scripts and test execution, including:

  • Master scripts/Handler execution and control
  • Eggplant Functional tables
  • Eggplant Functional schedules
  • Command line execution
  • Eggplant Manager
  • Data-driven testing

Results reporting

Set up custom results reporting aligned with your objectives, including:

  • Eggplant Functional out-of-the-box results
  • Accessing report information from within a script
  • Using Test Cases to gather information for reporting
  • HTML reporting
  • Using Assert commands for reporting
  • Using CaptureScreen for reporting
  • Email reporting using SendMail
  • Results reporting in Eggplant Manager

Congratulations on finishing the functional training series - happy testing!

PS: The full training video series can be found on our website here.