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Grand Opening of the TestPlant Americas Headquarters

By Milli d'Hangest d'Yvoy | 10/21/16

Thank you for joining us on Wednesday 12 August for the Grand Opening of the TestPlant Americas Headquarters! What a lovely evening, with some great food and local beer and cider - we really enjoyed the Sweet Cow ice-cream truck!

Our CEO spoke at the Grand Opening and welcomed the large gathering of city officials, partners, customers, families, advisers, the landlord and contractors, the first group of "eggPlant experts" and not least... all the staff of TestPlant in the US. From a team in Boulder comprising Jonathan, Doug, Matt and Pamela in 2008 the operation has grown enormously and from a "dev center" to a HQ. George thanked everyone and looked forward to a very bright future.

We hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did - thank you for joining us for the celebration! 

Please see some photos from the evening below.

[gallery link="file" ids="12444,12445,12446,12447,12448,12449,12450,12451,12452,12453,12454,12455,12456,12457,12458,12459,12460,12461,12463,12464,12465,12466,12467,12468,12469,12470,12471,12472,12473,12474,12475,12476,12477,12478,12479,12480,12481,12482,12483,12484,12485,12486,12487,12488,12489,12490,12491,12492,12493,12494,12495,12496,12497,12498,12499,12500,12501,12502,12504,12505,12507,12506,12508,12509,12510,12511,12512,12513,12514,12515,12516,12517,12518,12519,12520,12521,12522,12523,12524,12525,12526,12527,12528,12529,12530,12531,12532,12533,12534,12535,12536,12537,12538,12539,12540,12541,12542,12543,12462"]


Milli d'Hangest d'Yvoy

Written by Milli d'Hangest d'Yvoy

Milli is Marketing Manager at TestPlant, overseeing campaigns, communications, PR, design and events. South African small town girl, working in the big City of London, she loves surfing, coffee, cooking, rooibos tea and Land Rovers.

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