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Test environment management is critical to test automation

By Antony Edwards

Antony Edwards

Antony Edwards - 16 May 2016

A lack of environment management is one of the most common reasons for unreliable test execution. People remove devices from the test environment, change app versions without notification, change OS settings, two tests try to use the same devices at the same time, a manual tries to use the same device at the same time, a backup runs on the middle of a test run, insufficient user data is provided, and the list goes on.

So whenever we work with a customer new to test automation, we stress the need to have their environment setup properly, and to make someone accountable for keeping it clean. But even when a team fully recognises the need for active environment management, it is still difficult and time-consuming. 

This is why our focus with eggPlant Manager and eggCloud v5.1 was environment management. We want to provide tools to make it much simpler to manage a reliable test environment - create SUTs, manage configuration, mediate access, and dynamically detect changes so there is always an accurate understanding of the environment.

We believe eggCloud v5.1 is a huge step forward in helping people easily manage robust test environments. Please try it now and we'd love to hear your feedback.