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20 Smart Technology Predictions for 2018

By JB Brockman

JB Brockman

JB Brockman - 3 January 2018

A new outlook, optimism, and wonder. For me, the start of the new year is always exciting and prompts a lot of questions about how our space and our solutions will evolve over the next 12 months.

We all know that digital business and DevOps are here to stay, and will continue to transform software development and testing, not to mention the user experience. But what else is in store?

Our CEO John Bates and CTO Antony Edwards have some bold ideas. For starters, IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) will be the stars of 2018—fueling innovative services, powering testing technology, and making things even smarter.

To see the full list, download our infographic.

Of course, for these predictions to become reality, ensuring a consistently amazing user experience (UX) will be paramount. Which is exactly what our Digital Automation Intelligence Suite is designed to help companies do. Eggplant solutions test the true, end-to-end UX with intelligent image and text understanding to interact with software and apps just like a user would. Eggplant AI uses deep learning and AI to find defects, and auto-generates test scripts to massively increase testing productivity, efficiency, speed, and coverage. Plus, you can now incorporate Selenium WebDriver methods into your Eggplant Functional scripts. Check out v18, our latest Eggplant Functional release, announced today.

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